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Welcome to the follow-up of my previous blog 'How Pincvision has evolved intself into a RegTech company' about the transformation of Pincvision into a 'RegTech company'.

In my previous blog I focused on the three biggest challenges of a Regulatory Technology company;

  • How do I keep my systems up to date while facing changes in legislation and regulations?
  • How do I transform Big Data into correct compliance data?
  • How do I integrate quickly and flexibly with systems of customers, partners and authorities?

Pincvision Digital Workplace

The answer to these challenges at Pincvision is building and developing Pincvision's Digital Business Technology platform. An important component of this is our Digital Workplace. The outbreak of the Corona virus had as a consequence that all Pincvision colleagues started working from home as much as possible. Fortunately this went very good.

A reason for this was that working from home was already facilitated by the IT department. In addition, many colleagues already worked from home, from the client's office or from other locations. In other words, with the exception of personal contacts and the daily chat at the coffee machine, it was in fact business as usual.

Flexible cloud and SaaS based workplace

Nevertheless, this situation has given a boost to the already ongoing project for the Pincvision Digital Workplace. The current solution where employees use different tools for mutual communication (such as e-mail, web meetings and chat) is currently not working optimally. The central storage of our files on an on-premise environment on a file share is still a traditional solution with some limitations in e.g. sharing information.

The division into business units and staff departments also makes it more difficult to quickly collaborate with different departments. There is an increasing desire to share information with customers and suppliers easier. For this reason, Pincvision will make the transition to a more flexible cloud and SaaS based workplace.

The most important advantages of Digital Workplace

  1. Workstream collaboration
  2. Content collaboration
  3. Meeting solutions

Workstream collaboration
This is about working together more easily in different teams, both within existing departments but also with colleagues from different departments in a project or for a specific service. There will be channels on specific topics where you can collaborate via chats, alerts, video, audio and 'planboards'.

A good example of this is our webshop "Uitvoeraangifte.com". Colleagues from different departments such as IT, Marketing, Customs & Customer support work together in a team. This collaboration ongoing on a daily operating basis, but also for new developments and releases.

Content collaboration
Colleagues have the wish to have direct access to documents and be able to share them more often. This will be realized from a centrally accessible storage where on the one hand security but also findability and simplicity are important topics.

Meeting solutions
Meetings with video & screen sharing have been used a lot at Pincvision in the past period. In the new workplace no separate tooling needs to be started and recordings can easily be linked to specific channels so that information can be retrieved quickly at a later stage.

Operational flexibility and agility

In the long run, there are two major advantages to this new way of working. The first, of course, is operational flexibility and agility. Existing inefficiencies can be removed. And by training colleagues in how to use the system, existing processes can be further optimised.

Possibility to expand business model

The second advantage is of a more strategic nature. Because of the mentioned flexibility and agility, Pincvision can expand or adjust parts of its business model in case there are new opportunities in the market. After all, it is then easy to bring together the right people, the right information at the right time and to respond quickly.

Digital dexterity

The focus on these benefits almost makes us forget that certain preconditions have to be met and risks have to be mapped out. An important factor hereby is the 'digital dexterity'. I will write more about this topic in my next blog!

What are your experiences with online communication within your organization in times of the Corona crisis? Please let me know!

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29 May 2020 at 3:42 pm
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Published by:
Edwin Kampshoff
CIO (Chief Information Officer)