DEVI (Declarations for Environmental, VAT & Intrastat)

Our solution 'DEVI' optimizes trade related compliance reporting processes, and where possible automates them. This offers efficiency, flexibility, transparency and overall compliance control.

DEVI is a key ingredient of the Pincvision Environmental, VAT & Intrastat services proposition and is not offered as a standalone software solution. However, it does allow us to tailor our services proposition to your specific needs. Taking into account your data quality, process maturity and level of internal knowledge. DEVI is designed to:

  • easily incorporate standard ERP data and other data sources in any format
  • reconcile and check data accuracy & consistency over multiple reporting obligations
  • manage changing reporting requirements via automated workflow tasks (internal/external)
  • store returns, filing confirmations, audit files, payment instructions etc.
  • provide insight into your activities.

Here you can read more about our services regarding Environmental, VAT & Intrastat compliance.

Some IT facts about our DEVI solution:

  • Easy integration by mapping the data sets against DEVI's Trade Compliance Data Model (TCDM). TCDM is comprised of standard data exchanged models defined by and between authorities (OECD, WCO, WTO, ISO‚Ķ)
  • Our business rule engine validates transaction level information against all possible rules automatically. Checking data completeness & correctness.
  • Scalable across large number of transactions
  • Any change based on legal-, country-, or customer specific compliance requirements can easily be implemented
  • Fully automated audit trail, insights in what, why and when for every transaction processed
  • The secure Microsoft Azure cloud solution ensures high performance, scalability and reliability
  • Archive insights

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