ATA Carnet

An ATA Carnet is a document that you can use to temporarily import and export goods without having to make a customs declaration. The big advantage of an ATA Carnet is that you do not have to provide a guarantee in the country where you temporarily import your products, like VAT, import duties and other country-specific levies.

The ATA Carnet can be used for countries that are members of the ATA Convention and for the following types of goods; trade samples, exhibition material and professional material.

Issuing an ATA Carnet

For all shipments where goods (temporarily) depart from Europe, Pincvision can prepare an ATA Carnet for you. So, for example, even in the event that your shipment departs from Poland and does not pass through the Netherlands, we can provide this document for you. After receiving your Commercial Invoice (data), our team will prepare the ATA Carnet for you and request it at the Chamber of Commerce. After receiving and checking all information on the ATA Carnet, the Chamber of Commerce will send the physical document to Pincvision. We ensure that all required tabs for your total journey are added to the ATA Carnet and send it to you or the person traveling with the Carnet. To make the ATA Carnet legally valid, your carrier must first get a stamp from Customs (in the country where your shipment is leaving).

Applying for an ATA Carnet takes 2-4 business days. The ATA Carnet is stamped at every border you cross during transport, both at import and at export. This ensures that all goods mentioned on the ATA Carnet are actually temporarily imported into the country. The costs of an ATA Carnet are higher than those of a Certificate of Origin, but if you weigh these costs against the VAT and import duties that you have to pay for permanent imports, you will understand that this is a very attractive commercial document to use.

Managing an ATA Carnet

An ATA Carnet is valid for 12 months and can be used indefinitely during that time. However, it is possible that Customs of an importing country indicates a date on the ATA Carnet on which the goods must be re-exported. In that case, this date is leading.

Many companies mention that the biggest challenge of an ATA Carnet is returning the Carnet to the Chamber of Commerce on time. Therefore, it is often decided not to use this document. No longer necessary! We prepare the Carnet for you and are happy to take care of the entire subsequent process! Use our ATA Carnet Management service for this. With this we keep overview and control of the entire process for you. We keep track of which Carnets are in circulation and what their validity is. You will receive an early warning from us when a Carnet is about to expire. This gives you enough time to ensure that the goods are returned in time and we will then return the Carnet for you to the Chamber of Commerce. This prevents unnecessary fines and additional assessments by Customs.

Failure to obtain the correct stamps on time means that shipments (temporary imports and exports) "remain open" with Customs. If you cannot proof that your goods have left the country in question, a fine and additional duties will be levied, which can be significant amounts.

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Would you like to know more about the ATA Carnet? Read our earlier posted article: ‘Ins- en outs of an ATA Carnet & benefits of using this export document’.

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