Embassy legalization service

A number of countries require that your export documents are legalized by the embassy and / or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In those cases, you benefit from the years of experience and extensive network that Pincvision has with these authorities.

We are happy to take this process off your hands. After the Chamber of Commerce has attested your Certificate of Origin and/or Commercial Invoice we print the documents at our office. Our knowledge of the different requirements that each embassy has ensures that the legalization is processed within the shortest lead time. No more time-consuming trips to the embassy and no need to wait in line with every embassy. We dare to say that you cannot arrange it anywhere else faster and easier.

Apostille stamps

Pincvision can also arrange Apostille Stamps for countries within the Apostille Treaty. In some cases using an Apostille stamp can supersede the Embassy legalization. Benefits of using the Apostille stamp is a shorter lead time and lower costs. If you would like to know if an Apostille stamp can be used for your shipments, please contact us to discuss your options.

Lead times Embassies

To be transparent we have made an overview of the average lead times per embassy. If your legalization request is of extreme urgency, Pincvision will manage the urgency procedure for you. The overview mentions the most common Embassies, but if you would you like your documents to be legalized by another embassy then mentioned below, please let us know and we can discuss the options with you!

(All lead times include courier service to the embassy and back.)

Last modified date: March 18, 2023

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