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A widely used origin document is a Certificate of Origin. Another less common, but just as interesting document is a EUR.1 certificate. To be able to use this document, your products must meet the preferential origin requirements. If this is the case, you (or your importer) can achieve significant cost savings because you are entitled to a reduction or even exemption from import duties. Our team of specialists is aware of the customs legislation and the rules described in the separately concluded protocols and is happy to provide you with tailor-made advice.

How does it work?

With our automated solution 'Export Documents in Control' we can process large volumes of document requests on a daily basis. Send your (commercial) invoices to us in the desired file format (for example xml or pdf).

Based on the country of destination of your export shipment, we assess which documents are required and issue these documents for you. For the countries for which a EUR1 is permitted, we look at the options for you. Preferential origin goods require specific proof of origin, we can help you collect and complete the right forms. If the origin of your goods meet the preferential requirements, we can prepare the EUR.1 certificate for you. This is done automatically in Export Documents in Control based on the information on your (commercial) invoice.

Our digital interface with the Chamber of Commerce ensures a rapid legalization process. We usually receive the document within 15 minutes. It is then printed at our office, or at any other desired location if you use our 'Printing on Location' service.

General information about the EUR.1 Certificate: With a EUR1 importers are entitled to a discount or sometimes even exemption from import duties. This only applies to countries with which the EU has a preferential trade agreement (eg Switzerland, South Africa, but also Mexico or Chile). There are countries with which these agreements have been in force for years, but new agreements are regularly added also. In the Netherlands, both the Chamber of Commerce and Customs are involved in the issuing of a EUR.1 Certificate.

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