VAT registrations

Do you provide products or services within the EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom?

Then you may have to deal with foreign VAT. Depending on the transactions, the customers and the agreed delivery conditions, you may:

  • must register for VAT with the local tax authorities in the country where you do business and
  • are obliged to file a VAT return.

Are you an entrepreneur from a non-EU country who is required to pay VAT in an EU country? Then you often need a Fiscal Representative for this. Pincvision can be this partner for you in all countries of the EU, Norway and Switzerland. Want to know more about this? Read all about our Fiscal Representation service here.

When should you apply for VAT number?

Have you entered a European market that is new to you? Congratulations! Great opportunities for your organization, but at the same time new challenges for your internal processes. This also applies to VAT.

Do you know that you are obliged to register your organization for VAT at the time of performing a taxable supply (supply of goods and/or services and intra-Community acquisitions) for which the place of taxation is located in that country?

Most European countries don't have a threshold for this, so you must be registered from the first taxable transaction. It’s crucial that everything is arranged correctly and on time, so that your invoices are issued correctly and VAT returns can be submitted on time. Without registration you can’t calculate VAT and submit a VAT return and therefore can’t remit/reclaim the VAT claimed/paid.

How to apply for a VAT registration?

The registration process is often seen as time-consuming and complex. You have to request forms, collect all kinds of information and fill out forms. And that often in the local language.

Let Pincvision arrange this for you. In all EU Member States where you are liable for VAT (also Norway, Switzerland and Great Britain). We do this on a regular basis, which makes it quick and well-arranged. Our VAT specialists are highly experienced in complying with the VAT system in the European Union. They are used to the complexity of local regulations and procedures, including communication with local tax authorities.

What we will arrange for you:

  • Complete registration forms and apply to the appropriate authority
  • Provide support in collecting the required information and documentation (description of the activities of the entity, why a VAT registration is needed, expected turnover, etc.)
  • Submit the official request for a VAT number
  • Follow-up of the request with the relevant local authority
  • We are the first point of contact for authorities. No more difficult questions that cost a lot of valuable time. We answer these questions on your behalf
  • We can communicate in the local language, so no more language barriers.

Registration done? Time to submit your VAT Return(s)!

Once the VAT registration has been completed, you are also obliged to submit VAT returns on a (usually) monthly basis, on the turnover realized in the country. Click here for more information about VAT returns and find out what we can do for you.

Not sure whether you have to comply with the VAT obligation?

Think of the type of products, reverse charge mechanism, temporary import, etc. And in which countries do you have obligations? Then choose our VAT compliance scan and get a complete answer quickly.

No longer worry about your VAT registrations. Take care of it now!

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