AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

International recognition as a secure link within the supply chain.

Commercially, having an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) license has been rising in importance. Within the supply chain the mutual demand for an AEO permit is increasing because every link in the (supply) chain has to be reliable. Is there one link in the chain without an AEO license? Then the other links have to make an extra effort. This makes it less interesting to work with this link. So you definitely don't want to be the unreliable link!

Internationally oriented companies that depend on each other's services often require the AEO license for collaboration. It is therefore very important to obtain an AEO license, but above all to maintain it.

Within the European Union the tax authorities will eventually grant the status "Certified Taxable Person" (CPT) to reliable companies, such as AEO license holders. With this status you can save costs and reduce the administrative burden.

Customs grants more and more advantages to AEO license holders, such as a lower guarantee or less controls. New licenses for entrepot and IPR/OPR procedures are only granted by Customs when at least the AEO requirements with regard to authorization 'Specific procedures and internal controls' are met. More often Customs first requires an AEO license before other licenses are granted. For you it's beneficial that you also get a better view on your internal processes.

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