HS classification

Stay compliant regarding Customs by classifying the goods in your master file with the correct commodity code.

Assigning the correct commodity (HS-)code is important to be compliant from a customs perspective. If your commodity codes are incorrect, chances are that the corresponding declarations and reports are also incorrect. This will run the risk of additional assessments on VAT and import duties, fines, incorrect statistical reports, incorrect VAT payments and unnecessary delays at the external border. As a result, it becomes more difficult for you to fulfil the delivery agreements with your customer.

Commodity codes can also change or expire. Every year, the EU has a major change from 1 January and a smaller change from 1 July. In the meantime, changes can also be made to the declaration and tariff information associated with these codes. If you regularly have new articles to classify and you lack the right knowledge and capacity, Pincvision is the right partner for you. We believe that a correct HS classification lays the basis for your Customs processes and reports.

Classifying your Article Master File

Files with commodity codes (also called HS-, HTS- or TARIC codes) have often grown so large that keeping an overview is difficult. Do you recognize this? Perhaps you have people within your organization who have the knowledge of the product properties of your goods. Nevertheless, the right customs knowledge is often lacking to apply the classification rules. Assigning goods with the correct HS codes remains a separate profession where specialist knowledge is of crucial importance.

Data scan and HS code validation

Pincvision has this specialist knowledge in house and is happy to help you with classifying your goods. In a practical way we look at how we can achieve results quickly and at manageable costs. Depending on the size of your master file, we first perform a Data Scan on a representative part of the master file. This gives us direct insight into the quality of the product information you have recorded and the available sources to arrive at a goods classification in case of incomplete product information.

Would you like to be able to calculate (forecast) in advance how much VAT and import duties are involved with your commodity codes? Then using our Master Data Validation process we make a semi-automated analysis on the validity of the current EU commodity codes (Taric) and calculate the corresponding import duties. Through our analysis you will also know how much money you can save by using Free Trade Agreements and applying preferential origin.

Manual or automatic HS code classification?

After performing the Data Scan (and possibly a Master Data Validation), you will receive an estimate of the budget for classifying your entire file by our specialists. From here, the choice will be made for a manual HS-classification or an automated HS-classification.

If the captured product information, the volumes, and the structure of the information allow it, we will set up an automated HS-code process for you. Through built-in artificial intelligence and historical allocation of data, a self-learning process is created. Depending on your data quality, an HS-code is automatically assigned for a large percentage of your products. This allows you to benefit from enormous economies of scale with larger volumes of (new) articles. All this also leads to a structured process, in which your information is continuously monitored and maintained in case of changes in commodity codes and/or tariff information.

Additional services

In addition to classifying your commodity codes, we can also perform annual updates of the Customs (transposition table) and Dual Use checks (if your products fall under Export Control) in your master file. We also provide Binding Tariff Information (BTI) if you want to agree a commodity code with Customs before using it.

Would you like to know more about our HS classification services, or one of our other services? Please contact us to look at the possibilities.

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