Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

Pincvision has a partnership with world's leading inspection companies for issuing Certificates of Conformity (CoC) worldwide.

To ensure product safety in the country, an increasing number of governments have drawn up compliance requirements as part of their import requirements. The Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) ensures that products meet the specified requirements (such as technical regulations) for customs clearance of goods in the destination country. Conformity of products is evidenced by the issuance of a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The CoC is a mandatory document for many customs authorities worldwide.

The 4 most common conformity programs are:

Other countries with conformity programs are Cameroon, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Pincvision can arrange these certificates for you thanks to our digital interface with the inspection companies. You can count on the quickest lead times and lowest costs. For more information about the programs click on the links.

Do you need a Certificate of Conformity for another country than mentioned above? Please contact us, we are happy to also help you with that!

Different routes for PCA

There are 3 potential routes to PCA certification. Pincvision can only provide Certificates of Conformity for Route B or Route C shipments. Pincvision can help you obtain a registration (Route B) or a license (Route C). By using Route B or Route C you can significantly shorten your lead times and save costs on your Certificates of Conformity in comparison to Route A. Contact us for assistance!

Route A: for unregistered products

Route B: for registered suppliers or manufacturers of goods:
This offers a fast track certification process for goods with reasonable and consistent levels of quality by registration of products with the inspection company (certified body). Product Registration is recommended to exporters with frequent shipments of homogeneous products.

Route C: for licensed products: This route is only open to manufacturers who can demonstrate the existence of a quality management system in their manufacturing/production process. This route involves the audit of any QMS and licensing of products by the authorized inspection company (certified body). This route is recommended for manufacturers with high frequency/volumes of shipments.

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