Working at Pincvision

Pincvision is a partner of multinationals who wants to do business carefree all over the world. Years of experience, knowledge and manpower are all brought together in our services. We have experts in legislations in the field of VAT, Intrastat, Environmental, Customs and Export Documents. Good services and high quality are very important to us. In addition to internal job satisfaction we listen carefully to our customers and offer best in class services. Besides, we constantly convert feedback into added value and services as well for all our customers and employees.

What do we have to offer?

You will work in an organization with more than 60 committed, interested and passionate colleagues. At Pincvision we invest in our employees. Not just because we think it is important for them to be able to progress but because we believe it is important to have motivated and involved colleagues working in an open-minded atmosphere and fantastic working environment.

In order to be able to perform your work properly we provide a thorough introduction period with relevant training courses if necessary or needed.

At Pincvision

  • you work within a fast-growing international company
  • we work with the largest multinationals from all over the world
  • we facilitate our employees with necessities working at our modern new office as well as working from home using full digital environments such as Microsoft Digital Workplace
  • continuous work is being done regarding optimization and growth
  • you'll work and live CO2 neutral (you'll receive a certificate which states that Pincvision has offset your carbon emissions)
  • you will get a lot of freedom and responsibilities
  • we believe in strengthen personal leadership by looking at individuals, teams and the organization
  • we prefer being a horizontal company with a few organizational layers which makes us highly flexible towards our customers and colleagues

Pincvision's employment conditions

We have good employment conditions with a competitive salary, 100% reimbursement for public transport, have a generous commuting and business allowance, good pension fund, WIA and ANW insurances, study- lunch- and sports facilities.

At Pincvision we think it is very important to have a good and healthy balance between work and private life. In addition to the legal holiday entitlement of 20 days per year you receive 1 day extra ‘joys & sorrows’ per year (when working fulltime). Besides you have access to a personal budget (PKB). This PKB represents besides the 8% holiday allowance the value of 5 extra surplus holidays.

In addition, we compensate 10 tons of CO2 per person, which is the average emission of a Dutch person. So not only your work-related emissions but also the emissions you emit in your private life are compensated by us. Thus, working at Pincvision means that your climate impact on the planet is zero.

In short, Pincvision is a best-in-class company in all respects