VAT compliance scan

When you deliver goods to customers within the European Union, your VAT and Intrastat compliance processes are inseparable. That is why the VAT & Intrastat Compliance Scan takes a close look on both activities simultaneously. The scan identifies the quality of your declarations and registrations. It also indicates what additional measures you can, or should, take to avoid compliance risks.

This scan can also be the tool to solely assess your VAT compliance, in case you do not have Intrastat obligations (yet). We will then examine your VAT processes and obligations within the broad scope of the European regulations.

The scan results in a number of practical clear recommendations and/or considerations, on which we gladly assist you. We advise, help and relieve you (if you wish) to take everything off your hands.

Some good reasons to request a VAT & Intrastat Compliance Scan right now:

  • You get an objective, qualitative valuation of your VAT and Intrastat declarations
  • You will understand your (possible) compliance risks
  • You will receive clear guidelines to make your VAT and Intrastat declarations fully compliant: doing it yourself or with our support

No longer worry about your VAT obligations? Take care of it now.

Would you like insight into your entire trade compliance process? We make it possible! Opt for the full Trade Compliance Scan.

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