Export Declarations

Uitvoeraangifte.com is a subsidiary of Pincvision.

The webshop was established in 2019 to offer exporters and logistics service providers a do-it-yourself solution for submitting export declarations online to Dutch and Belgian Customs.

Creating an account is free. You do not pay any license fees. Therefore, you always know exactly how much your export declaration will cost and you will not be surprised by additional costs afterwards.

You also do not need a permit, because we have one. In-house customs expertise is also not required. The knowledge of our customs specialists is incorporated in the webshop. Still have questions? Our Customer Service team is at your service!
In the webshop you can make declarations for shipments to any country outside the EU. This is possible for shipments that are in the Netherlands or Belgium at the time of submitting the export declaration.

Free account
Submit declarations 24/7
Fixed competitive price of € 22,50 per declaration
Incredibly fast turnaround times
Helpdesk with customs specialists

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Note: Our webshop is currently only available in Dutch language.


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