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Understanding Plastic Tax

Struggling with plastic tax reporting? You're not alone.

Figuring out how it fits into your business and getting those declarations right can be a maze of confusion.

Who should oversee this? Finance, Legal, or is it a broader organizational concern? We've heard these questions before, and we're here to clear the fog. Let us guide you through the plastics tax compliance process, or
(what we do best) take care of the entire process for you.

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What you Gain from Our Service

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Together identify and understand your
regulatory requirements

Data Analysis

Together we collect,
manage and structure
your data effectively

Setting You Up

We set up the calculations and streamline your processes

We Manage

We prepare and submit your tax returns to the tax authorities

Prevent fines and protect your reputation. Entrust your plastic tax returns to Pincvision's team of data analysts and specialists.
Ensure compliance and run your business with peace of mind. Interested? Let's get in contact!

Assessing the Impact on Your Business

Your visit to this page means that you're already aware of your obligations and that you probably have pressing questions such as:

  • Which transactions fall within scope?
  • What packaging information is required for each transaction?
  • How to allign VAT transactions with Plastic Packaging Data?
  • What calculations need to be set up?
  • Who's responsible? Can we, and do we want to handle this internally?

This process, which is particularly complex at the transaction level, culminates in monthly or quarterly filings with the authorities. As you can see, it can be quite a puzzle. While it's clearly a complex task, it can be made easier with the right partner - and that's where we come in.

Compliance Made Easier for You

One of our specialists will guide you through each step to ensure you gather all the necessary and correct data for the Plastic Tax. This approach keeps things manageable for you, guaranteeing that you have everything covered to be compliant. While we can't gather the data for you, rest assured, we'll provide all the guidance you need.

Once we have the data, we'll set up the required calculations. From this point on, we take full charge: managing deadlines, keeping you informed about any legislative updates and new requirements, and making sure your declarations are filed on time.

Where to Declare?

Currently, the EU Plastic Tax applies to the following countries: the United Kingdom and Spain. Coming soon: Italy.

For more information on Plastic Tax regulations in these countries, you can explore the following links:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Plastic Tax?
A: The Plastic Tax is a tax that requires declarations to be submitted through the tax authority for all plastic packaging per transaction. It is aimed at reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling.

Q: Who should handle the Plastic Tax internally?

A: Typically, responsibility for Plastic Tax falls on departments such as Finance, Legal, Sustainability, and Supply Chain. However, the exact departmental responsibility may vary based on the company's structure and practices. This question alone is the cause of many unclarity within organizations.

Q: What happens if I fail to comply with the Plastic Tax regulations?

A: Failure to comply or submit incorrect declarations may result in substantial fines, reputational damage and potential audits.

Q: How can Pincvision assist my business with Plastic Packaging Tax Compliance?

A: Pincvision takes over the entire process and offers expert guidance, from data collection and calculation to timely declaration submissions.

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