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Applying for an AEO license? Gain insight into the conditions and costs involved through our AEO scan

It is not always clear whether you, as a company, are eligible for an AEO license. Would you like to gain insight into the conditions and costs of applying for an AEO permit? We map this out for you through our AEO scan:

  • We check whether you meet the basic requirements for an AEO permit.
  • We determine which type of AEO license you want to apply for and map out the scope of the AEO project for you.
  • We carry out a zero-measurement in the field of available permits, procedures, resources and knowledge, so that we can measure the outcome together afterwards.
  • We assess your current processes for potential risks of fines and post duties and possible opportunities for customs simplifications that will reduce your import duties.

A personal approach is important for us in order to get acquainted with your company and your internal processes. Based on the results of the AEO-scan a practical step-by-step plan and budget proposal follows for the further guidance of your AEO application.

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