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Do you lack the capacity or do you miss sufficient Customs knowledge within your organization? Get Customs support from Pincvision's specialists!

Do you ever get Customs related questions from different departments within your organization when important decisions need to be made? Often the decision makers cannot properly assess risks or alternatives because they do not have the right Customs knowledge. Does this look familiar to you?

Then you may risk that your goods are misclassified or sent back from third countries. Or that a customer asks for certificates that you don’t know about. This may result in shipments being stopped at the country borders which leads to unwanted interruptions in your daily working activities.

Are you dealing with insufficient capacity within your organization or do you lack sufficient Customs related knowledge in your organization? Then Pincvision has the solution for you!

How can Pincvision support you in the field of Customs?

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Meet our Customs team
Gwen van der Graaf
Gwendolynn van der Graaf
Customs Compliance Specialist a.i.
Peter Italiaander
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
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