Legalization of trade documents

Based on legal document requirements per country, or at the request of your customer, you may be asked to have your trade document attested (for example: commercial invoice, pro forma invoice or packing list). The attestation is done by the Chamber of Commerce. For some countries an additional Embassy legalization is requested.

How does the legalization process work?

To request a legalized trade document, your document must be provided with a name and signature. If you outsource your document process to Pincvision you authorize us to stamp and sign the documents. We will then forward the documents to the Chamber of Commerce for attestation (if legally required).

Our team of specialists is aware of all country requirements and makes sure that your documents are always provided with the correct legalization(s). The attestation by the Chamber of Commerce is done entirely digitally, which ensures that this is arranged quickly (usually within 15 minutes). If the document also requires embassy legalization, we will also arrange that for you.

Do you have country or customer specific requirements that deviate from your standard process? Let us know! Our automated solution Export Documents in Control is set up in such a way that we can offer any customized process. This is set up once, after which your future requests will automatically follow the correct procedure. This way you are assured that your shipments are always accompanied with the right export documents!

General information about the legalization/attestation of trade documents: Legalizing your trade documents offers extra legal certainty in international trade. Your foreign customer knows that the document that you have signed, such as a commercial invoice, is legally valid. The attestation by the Chamber of Commerce indicates that an official body has confirmed this. Legalization by the embassy indicates that the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce is an official body authorized to carry out the verification of legal validity.

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