SAF-T declarations

A Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) is the collective name for an international data standard for the periodic exchange of VAT transaction data from companies to the local authorities. The word 'standard' suggests that the structure is almost the same for every country. But where the required data initially shows a lot of similarity, countries often have in-depth and divergent requirements that only become clear in the details.

What must be reported with a SAF-T declaration?

The format of mandatory periodic SAF-T for VAT reporting is complex and detailed. The declaration is divided into several chapters. Each chapter contains several subsections, which are then subdivided into even smaller sections. The result? An extremely detailed report with numerous fields that must be generated every month. You must then report this within the set deadline.

All data fields must be converted into an XML structure readable by the local tax authority. Please keep in mind that changes are made regularly. Not only in local legislation and regulations, but also upcoming changes in SAF-T obligations. Make sure you are (and remain) informed, to be able to make these changes to your reporting process. Due to the enormous complexity, close cooperation between the IT and fiscal departments is no longer a luxury, but an absolute requirement.

Let Pincvision take care of your SAF-T completely

These complex declarations require specialist and practical knowledge. This way you prevent errors and fines and you can be sure that your internal processes are in order. A must for your VAT processes. Pincvision has developed a smart, flexible RegTech solution for you, called 'DEVI'.

  • Smart, because we have integrated our in-depth knowledge of legislation into our automated solutions and additional services.
  • Flexible, because DEVI is built in such a way that we can quickly respond to changes in legislation, regulations and/or data requirements.

In DEVI we have recorded thousands of business rules and all data mapping has been drawn up with different tax authorities. This way we can seamlessly take care of all your SAF-T and other VAT returns within the EU. You therefore only need one partner for all the different obligations: Pincvision.

What do you need to do for this?

Nothing complicated. You provide us with your financial transaction data in your already available (ERP) data format, on a periodic basis. We will make sure that this connects to our system. This eliminates the need for time-consuming IT efforts on your side. Our specialists then do the rest. They run the relevant compliance checks, supplement data where necessary, and convert all data into the required format. They then file the return to the tax authorities on your behalf.

Would you like us to help you with your SAF-T and other VAT obligations?

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