Our specialists

"Expertise" is one of our core values. Therefore, we assure that our employees are fully up-to-date about the latest developments in the world of trade compliance. We have specialists in the field of Export documents, Customs, VAT, Intrastat and Environmental compliance.

Export Documents Knowledge Center

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest document & origin requirements, the Pincvision export documents team members are trained on a continuous basis. Our professionals are also in the possession of recognized professional diplomas like MCTA, EU Customs Law and Logistics Management. They have gained years of experience on issuing country specific export documents, origin determination, proof of origin and legal import requirements. Some of them used to work for the authorities, others at logistics service providers. An outstanding mix of knowledge and practical experience!

Our export documents knowledge center can support you with: legal country requirements, rules of origin, creating origin documentation, issuing conformity certificates, Free Trade Agreements and tailor made consultancy on origin related subjects.

VAT, Environmental & Intrastat Knowledge Center

The Environmental, VAT & Intrastat team consists of highly educated professionals who have followed a fiscal or law study. The specialists in our team are university and college graduates, including post graduates such as Nyenrode Tax Assurance. Some of our specialists are members of the Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs (Dutch Order of Tax consultants). Our analysts generally have a bachelor's degree.

Most team members worked at Big-4 companies, as in-house senior managers of large international firms and the tax authorities. Because of their background and work experience, they are able to translate the declaration requirements, including the corresponding legislation into a practical and legal correct solution for our clients. As a result, Pincvision has been relieving and guiding internationally operating companies for years on VAT, Environmental & Intrastat declarations. An additional advantage due to the large amounts of data we receive from our customers, is that an 'in-depth knowledge' is available which enables us to advise on the actual facts instead of a theoretical perspective.

Customs Knowledge Center

The Pincvision customs team consists of professionals that are in the possession of recognized professional diplomas and certifications such as Manager Customs & Trade Affairs and Customs Declarant. Each team member has developed one or more specialties, such as HS classification, data analysis, GPA/DMS and/or AEO.

Some of our professionals previously held positions in businesses in the field of customs matters and international trade. Others previously worked for Customs. An excellent mix of expertise and knowledge.

One thing they have in common, a passion for trade compliance matters!