Intrastat case study

Within Pincvision there is nothing more important than a satisfied customer. We are therefore very proud that Helge Poths, EMEA Global Logistics Trade Compliance Consultant is willing to share his experiences on how a large multinational tech company with more than 100 entities, transitioned from a decentralized to a highly efficient centralized process with advanced control, oversight and insides.

Through this case study, Helge gives a general picture of the collaboration between Pincvision and his company and he outlines the benefits of our Intrastat service.

Mr. Poths: “I can’t pick just 1 or 2 important improvements. It really is the total Pincvision package”.

Read the case study by Helge Poths 'How Intrastat became an efficient centralized process with advanced control & oversight'.

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Some satisfied customers who make use of our Intrastat service
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