Blog | Conversations about DMS in the Netherlands during the Douanecongres

We were present in the WTC in Rotterdam as a partner of the Douanecongres on Thursday May 19. There were great knowledge sessions and conversations with customers about the introduction of DMS in the Netherlands.

DMS implementation plan

There is also important news to report about DMS. The lead time of the entire implementation plan remains the same, although some partial schedules have been shifted. An important change is that the import process (normal procedure) will start in September 2022 (after a successful pilot). The first group of export declarants will also start in September and this planning will continue for all export and import declarants until June 2023.

Customs will agree a schedule in consultation with software suppliers and declarants. AGS will still be available for processing declarations in 2023 and will be phased out from December 2023.

For now, the above changes have the most impact for declarants in the normal procedure.

DMS 4.1

For the DMS 4.1 target group, implementation will still take place in the first half of 2023. This means that the declarants in this target group have a few months more to prepare themselves .

Be aware that all software suppliers and advisers, but also Customs itself, will have to deal with enormous peak moments and overload of the available capacity. Looking forward to the published timelines, plan the implementation and migration in close consultation with the involved stakeholders, so that you as an organization will not experience any limitations for your logistics and customer service activities.

Pincvision DMS scan

Do you not yet have insight into the impact? Let us perform a DMS scan and move your organization forward.

30 May 2022 at 10:19 am
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Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
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