The Official Gazette of 27 May 2017 published a Decree that modifies the VAT Regulations, regulating certain options in relation to SII.

The options that can be carried out during an extraordinary period (until 15 June) and are applicable as from the 1st of July. The options provided are:

- Companies registered at the so called REDEME (special monthly VAT refund scheme) can de-register from this scheme.

This option is meant for companies not wishing to apply the SII and that are not considered “large entrepreneurs” for VAT purposes (turnover in Spain less than EUR 6.000.000) and that do not belong to a VAT group.

- Companies belonging to a VAT group can de-register from such scheme.

If such companies are also registered at the REDEME, the dominant company can apply for the de-registration from such scheme, with regards to all the companies belonging to the group.

This would enable companies to avoid the SII obligation (under the conditions are mentioned).

06 Jun 2017 at 9:59 am