Blog: Pincvision and the impact of COVID-19 crisis

We are all currently facing a challenging period in which uncertainty creates enormous private and business challenges. We all have many concerns about (vulnerable) family members, friends, and colleagues. Because of the Corona crisis, we have all ended up in difficult situations regarding our home situations.

Unfortunately, however, this is the reality: working from home and giving home education to your children while your work and mission continue as well. We hope that you will get through this and continue to cherish your physical and mental health.

Stay positive

During this period, we are faced with many urgent problems in which we do not and must not lose our optimism in the face of this challenge. We have to continue our daily work and take important decisions and measures without being able to oversee the future for the complete 100%.

At Pincvision, we have a responsibility to be available for our clients and to help them with the working activities. That's why we quickly anticipated the situation so that our work for all our clients continues in good faith.


First of all, we made sure that all our employees are able to work from home professionally. Everyone is equipped with the most modern equipment and have access to multiple digital possibilities to be able to communicate in a perfect way. We think that it is of importance that we keep in touch with each other so that we can help and support each other. This keeps the work ethic in a good balance and the positive vibes will remain.

At the moment, our strategy is aimed at safeguarding both the short and long term. In the short term this means that we can carry out 100% of the current working activities for our customers. In the long term, our focus is on preparing for the new future. This includes the new way of working, but also, even more than we are doing now, developing our activities into the latest regulatory technologies (RegTech). This will allow us to optimize our operations with our current and new customers and effectively continue to meet compliance obligations around the world wherever possible.

In short, as our customer, you can be assured that all work activities are in good hands and that what we do for you is carried out in an excellent way. Right now and in the future.

Keep thinking clearly, try to stay positive, follow the rules laid down by the government and trust that it will work out well.

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28 Apr 2020 at 4:30 pm
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