Blog: International trade continues also in times of crisis

We're currently halfway through the year 2020. Time to take a moment for yourself and look back on an exceptional period. A period in which digital meetings and remote communication have become an integral part of working life. Gradually we are moving towards the new reality.

Optimal service, even during the COVID19 crisis!

The first half year of 2020 was (and still is) largely dominated by COVID19. Fortunately, Pincvision has been able to continue to serve all our customers and to perform our services well. As a result, the compliance obligations of our customers are still under control.

Innovation is important for international trade

As a result of the ongoing internationalization of the production of goods and services, international economies are becoming increasingly intertwined. This certainly applies to an open economy such as the Dutch economy 1.

The process of economic globalization is characterized by the growth of international trade, foreign investment and the increased importance of multinationals. As a partner of multiple multinationals, we therefore consider it very important to stimulate data-driven work and contribute to innovation. You may think of applications of data in international trade, the careful unlocking of new data sources and the application of new data processing methods1.

Tribal knowledge

From our knowledge position, the data application within our organization is under control. In addition, we would like to create more value by active conversations with customers to see what we can do to help them even more.

After all, tribal knowledge is indispensable. In many organizations the knowledge needed to translate data correctly is missing. Tribal knowledge is the existing knowledge about a certain project, in combination with the experience gained by working on this project. Only data doesn't bring you anywhere. We will have to continue to translate the knowledge and share it with our customers.

Your compliance obligations continue

As I mentioned earlier, thanks to our optimized and sophisticated communication methodology, we managed to carry out our assignments and services perfectly as an outsourcing partner. Even during the corona period. We're happy that the correspondence with our customers went very well. This is why we were able to work together pleasantly during this extraordinary and complex period.

Perhaps your company exported less in the recent period, but your work from home has continued as well. Data exchange and consultation have run smoothly via the digital route.

Keep doing business carefree

And any way you slice it... the way of work has changed. Then it's nice that we are able to rely on each other's knowledge and skills.

We keep on track with all changes in legislation and regulations per country and integrate this into our Regulatory Technology. In this way, your business continues anywhere in the world without any barriers. And that's where we believe in!

Keep thinking straight, try to maintain your optimism, follow the rules laid down by the government and trust that things will work out well.

1 Bron: CBS

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29 Jul 2020 at 10:38 am
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