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It's important te be resilient in this turbulent period of time! I hope that despite the current circumstances you are doing well and that by now you have found your way in the new reality. This new reality has a huge impact on our lives and requires a lot of resilience from all of us.

Next to changes in private circumstances, the way we have to perform our work has also changed. Distances between colleagues is growing a little bigger and it requires a lot of effort to keep the mutual connections strong through visual communication. I notice that online conversations are becoming more concrete and business-oriented. This often demands a lot from our attention span. Therefore, it is wise to stretch your legs and to relax once in a while.

Pincvision opens a new office in the United Kingdom

Pincvision owes its 17 years of existence to a solid foundation of the specialist working activities through a combination of knowledge, IT and our commitment to our customers. Thanks to the confidence we have gained from our customers we are consciously making a step by opening our new office in the UK.

Despite the current unstable period, Pincvision has continued its plans to open a new office in London. As of January 1, 2021, our office is officially located in the UK. Of course, this initiative did not come out of the blue and had been on our wish list for a long time. Our customers, many of whom do business globally, appreciate the fact that we are now also based in the UK. Especially in the current period in which Brexit puts an enormous pressure on their compliance obligations. Since the UK is no longer a member of the EU, the laws and regulations in this country are changing rapidly. We often hear from our customers that they can use our help and that it is convenient for them to have a point of contact in the UK.

Changes in export from the EU to the UK

For a long time, European Member States had few problems trading with the UK because of the free movement of goods. Now that this no longer applies to the UK, companies are faced with many new trade obligations with which they must comply. Among other things, it is now mandatory to submit an export declaration when exporting to the UK.

When your goods leave the EU from the Netherlands and you want to arrange the export declarations yourself, we have established the webshop Uitvoeraangifte.com in which you can easily arrange your export declaration.

Pincvision for your customs obligations

Be also aware that import tariffs will change as you are doing business with a non-EU country from now on. This may affect your commodity/HS codes classification. So make sure your HS classification is in order. Would you like to get support with HS classification or other customs related formalities and obligations? Our Customs team has all the knowledge about these compliance obligations and is happy to support you.

We would like to support you with our services, also for companies based in the UK. Read more about our Customs services or get in contact with the Managing Director of Pincvision UK Ltd, Dan Ipsen, by calling +31(0)6-21975759 or send an e-mail to d.ipsen@pincvision.com.

Doing business with the United Kingdom without any hassle? It is possible with the support of Pincvision!

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24 Feb 2021 at 9:09 am
3 min
Published by:
Rob Holtslag
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)
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