Blog: Pandemic-proof because of engagement with customers

According to specialists, there is a big chance that we'll end up in a world with multiple economic challenges due to the current measures taken in combatting COVID19. The first signs of these challenges are already visible.

Every day we read news updates about organizations that are forced to reorganize. In such reorganizations, the focus is mainly on saving wherever possible. Sometimes, even more than really necessary. Before we get to work "blindly" on this, let's consider the consequences. Of course it is expected that the work will continue because your business has to keep running.

One of the consequences of reorganizing is that knowledge seeps away because specialists are leaving the company. This creates gaps in processes, so that employees are no longer able to meet their deadlines. This has consequences for the quality of the work.

The importance of RegTech

Most of the time, difficult decisions are expected to be converted into simple ones. In times of uncertainty, you need to react more quickly. Agility is becoming a crucial cultural mindset for organizations.

In addition, companies also have to react quickly to the many changes in laws and regulations that are occurring. This can be tackled by good data management through Regulatory Technology (RegTech). Existing operational knowledge is processed and stored in data systems. This guarantees the execution of the work (eg monthly returns).

Stay in touch with our customers

One of the consequences of the COVID19 crisis is that we are more dependent on each other than ever before. Ironically, the road to a face-to-face meeting is still closed and is likely to remain so in the coming period.

Nevertheless, at Pincvision we want to keep in touch with you personally through (video) calls as much as possible, but also continue to share our knowledge with you through our website and newsletter.

We will provide you with news and updates on changing international laws and regulations. With this we hope to be able to help and assist you with your challenges in complying with laws and regulations.

Our Business Development Managers are also constantly working on new and innovative developments. Through every possible form of communication, they try to represent the interests of our customers. As you would expect from us. Our goal as your partner is that you can continue to do international business without any hassle, even in these turbulent times.

It’s important to stay involved with each other

Let us all do everything we can to remain committed to each other. Even though the pandemic has changed the way we work. Precisely in this period, Pincvision goes the extra mile to show our passion for trade compliance and commitment to sharing knowledge with you. We hope this will further strengthen your trust in Pincvision. The apparent but necessary agility is not an end goal, but a means for good cooperation.

Resilience is what I wish you all in this day and age. Stay strong and healthy!

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29 Oct 2020 at 12:00 am
3 min
Published by:
Rob Holtslag
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)