Navigating Through Customs Innovation: Personal Insights on DMS and AEB

I've been away for a while. During my 'online absence', I've received messages from several people asking where my next blogs are! How kind!

Today, I want to talk about two topics that have occupied much of my time in the last months of 2023: the switch to the new Customs Declaration Management System (DMS), and my experiences in collaborating with AEB to assist our clients with this transition to a new customs system and a new software program.


When DMS was first mentioned, we all thought, 'Wow, this is going to change everything!'. I was super curious about all the new possibilities it would bring. But also a bit fearful of what the Dutch Customs had come up with.

The last transition from Saggita to AGS was still vivid in my memory and brought some fear, as it didn't go entirely smoothly at the time. Do you remember that?

I have done my best (and am still doing) to learn everything there is to learn, from attending webinars and courses to sifting through all the information I can find. And while many people were worried (including myself), the transition from AGS to DMS went surprisingly smoothly. In our case, this was partly due to the smart solutions from AEB. In our case, this was partly due to the smart solutions from AEB with the automated Assistant pane that guides you through the entire declaration process. Truly a great solution and exceptionally innovative! The latest updates show that the entire transition to DMS has gone smoothly, and that (almost everyone) had switched to DMS 4.0 by the end of 2023.

Unfortunately, DMS 4.1 is not there yet. The fact is that this is really a huge change in how we handle customs matters in the Netherlands. Especially for companies with certain licenses, this means that they have to work hard to get everything done in time.

The customs themselves have also indicated that they are not ready for the transition to 4.1 (click here to read more about it). As a result, many declarants still opt to switch to the standard procedure 4.0.

What did this look like for me?

My own role in this was perhaps not what you would expect. I wasn't directly in the forefront of the declarations, but initially worked more behind the scenes. My task was to ensure that all our clients' data was perfectly entered into the system. From entering licenses to linking any APIs and their ERP system, it was like a big puzzle where each piece had to fit perfectly. Lucky for me, I love puzzles!

Looking back on all this, I am really excited and curious about what DMS will bring in the future.

So for everyone who is not yet connected to DMS or is considering making the switch to another software: make a non-binding appointment with us or send me a message, and I or my colleague will be happy to tell you more!

The future of customs handling is here, and with the right tools and collaborations, we can not only meet the challenges together but also improve and innovate your processes!

By the way... I've started new exciting projects in 2024 and will soon want to tell more about it! 😊

29 Feb 2024 at 11:27 am
3 min
Published by:
Samantha Vos
Customs Compliance Specialist
DMS Outsourcing DMS Scan
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