Declarants can Temporarily not fully Connect to DMS 4.1

Declarants are temporarily unable to fully connect to DMS 4.1 because the supplementary declaration (IIAA) is not being processed properly according to the specifications. Customs is working hard to find a solution. Especially the current GPA declarants who had planned the migration are affected. They need to regroup with the internal and external stakeholders as soon as the entire DMS 4.1 declaration process is functioning properly to come to a new planning, which may be disrupted by this delay.

Currently, only a handful of GPA declarants have migrated to DMS 4.1. However, several Customs warehouse declarants have migrated who, for the time being, only submit the so-called Presentation Notification for an entry in the Administration (IIAA). These companies do not or cannot yet make use of the supplementary declaration (IIAA) and the so-called chain arrangement.

How to proceed?

Most GPA declarants had submitted a customized project plan to Customs for a delayed migration by the end of 2023. However, this schedule will have to be revised again once Customs has confirmed a workable version DMS 4.1 available to the business community. The bottleneck is primarily in the number of declaration lines that can currently be processed in DMS 4.1. A solution is being worked on with the highest priority.

The good news is that now 99% of AGS Import Declarations and 95% of Export Declarations are processed in DMS 4.0.

Due to the delayed implementations, Pincvision will continue to be fully engaged in guiding DMS implementations in 2024 and will continue to work on our integrated DMS outsourcing service model. Interested in our service model? Peter is ready to help you! Send him a message at or use the contact form below.

Source: Belastingsdienst

22 Feb 2024 at 10:51 am
2 min
Published by:
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
DMS Outsourcing DMS scan
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