Additional scenario DMS for GPA declarants

In my previous article you could read about the remaining scenarios for the transition from GPA to DMS. Last month, the ‘Overleg Douane Bedrijfsleven (ODB)’ held several sessions in which GPA declarants have been informed about new DMS possibilities. In these sessions, the GPA declarants provided the ODB with input from their business point of view. Ultimately, this input will be taken into account by Customs’ management in the decision-making process.

Did you attend to any of these sessions last month? Then you probably are aware that new scenarios will be developed. These will appeal more to the current declarants than the scenarios offered so far. (Read more about the scenarios in one of my previous articles "From GPA to DMS: The current state of affairs"). It seems likely that there will be a supplementary declaration with a periodic character, with or without an entry declaration. That would be good news for many GPA declarants!

What has been discussed during these ODB sessions?

During these sessions, Customs presented 8 possible scenarios that could be implemented from the DWU in addition to Scenario A and B.. Two of these scenarios contain a so-called self-assessment component. However, these are not supported by Customs and are therefore not an option for DMS.

Scenarios and controls

GPA declarants indicated during these sessions that they want to automate the declaration processes as much as possible. There is sufficient IT intelligence available within companies to automate the process efficiently. The condition for this is that the specifications and procedures needs to be clear. In addition, they logically want to minimize the logistic delay.

GPA declarants indicated that they prefer the control process (if applicable) needs to take place during or immediately after the inbound process. In general, they do not have any problems with this as soon as the goods are available and the logistical process is not disrupted. In addition, more horizontal supervision is offered by the declarants, for example, a planned supervision day with Customs and other inspection authorities.

With future inspections it even seems that it will become increasingly difficult for Customs to fine-tune inspections in the logistics process in advance, due to the development of robotization and unmanned warehouses.

Concerns are being expressed by the business community with regard to available knowledge and resources for following up the necessary actions in response to system errors and disruptions in the declaration process.

Type of goods

There are virtually no restrictions on the choice of scenarios regarding the type of goods, except for goods with specific exemptions from VAT and excise duties. In addition, the declarant must be sure that the goods are not subject to import prohibitions and restrictions.

Cross-border authorizations

For declarants with cross-border authorizations, further arrangements will have to be made by Customs with other Member States (among others with regard to the entry declaration message and the organization of controls).

Other developments

At this moment a so-called container release message is being developed to replace the current DIN/DEN regulation in combination with the notification message. Consideration is also being given to the development of a new audit file logistics relating to the stock movement.

New GPA permits

Customs has reported that due to the delay in the delivery of DMS, applications for GPA permits are being processed again. The expiry date of the GPA permits on 1 July 2022 will not change. A new GPA permit will also expire on this date at the latest. This means that companies that already intended to apply for a GPA license but were not granted one recently, can (re)start the application procedure to bridge the gap to DMS.

Conducted Research at GPA declarants

I recently conducted research on the impact of DMS on GPA declarants, how GPA declarants are currently preparing for this and what control measures should be taken to comply with modern Customs supervision. For this purpose I conducted a survey among GPA declarants. Would you like to have access to these (anonymous) survey results? Send an e-mail to p.italiaander@pincvision.com or call +(31)6-83216125, and I will look into the possibilities for you.

Pincvision sets up a new automated process

In co-creation with current GPA customers, the Pincvision Customs team will set up a new automated control and validation process, so that the new DMS process will be seamlessly aligned with Customs' control and monitoring requirements. Would you like to stay up to date on all the developments in this area and other Customs matters? Sign up here for the Pincvision newsletter.

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12 Mar 2020 at 3:19 pm