​WEEE legislative changes in the UK: sticking to the 14 categories

The United Kingdom has announced its method of implementing the WEEE Open Scope. After consultation with stakeholders the UK has decided to maintain its current 14 categories, instead of moving to 6 categories.

The current UK WEEE Regulations are written in line with the EU WEEE Directive, including provisions on shifting to a system of 6 categories. The government will therefore need to amend the UK WEEE regulations.

The UK has indicated that this amendment will also include more flexibility to classify products that were previously out of scope (like household luminaires) in the 14 categories. A list of products that will fall in scope after the amendment is expected to be published on a later date.

Business location

The expected amendment will also impact the registration fees for producers. The producer registration fees will based on the producer’s business location, instead of the location of the Producer Compliance Scheme. Currently the Environmental Agency of England has announced that they will increase most of their charges, whereas the enforcements agencies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have not planned to do so. Therefore if a company is established in England, it should expect to pay a higher registration fee in 2019.

Need Assistance?

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Source: Valpak

26 Jun 2018 at 3:10 pm