Vietnam makes major step towards ERP implementation

On November 20th an important step was taken towards more clarity regarding extended producer responsibility in Vietnam. On this day the Regulation on 'recycling and handling of disposable products’ took effect, after having been in development for three years.

The implementation of EPR has been slow in Vietnam, with little clarity on collection goals, obligations and the necessary details for reporting. This changes with the Regulation, as seen in the following requirements. For example, the adopted text:

  • requires the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) to establish a database of obligated producers, collection points and waste treatment facilities and to record annual POM and collection volumes;
  • details technical and management requirements on collection points, as well as the transport and storage of waste products; and
  • provides form sheets and a deadline (31-Jan) for annual reporting by producers, collection point operators and waste treatment facilities.

The Regulation states that when planning the number and location of collection points, which they are obligated to set up, producers should take into account the volume of products sold, their distribution systems and the distance to the planned recycling facility. However, it does not set any quantitative requirements.

These developments point towards a stronger emphasis on ERP in Vietnam, which could have consequences for reporting in that country in the future.

Source: SagiseEPR

30 Nov 2017 at 8:30 am