Update: Implementation of DMS

The migration to DMS is progressing gradually, but some companies have postponed their schedule for various reasons. Requests for postponements will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, even if they exceed the AGS migration deadline of 30-09-2023. However, keep in mind that the December deadline remains in ALL cases. A late migration may lead to process delays for your business, as Customs, software companies, consultants, and outsourcing partners may run out of room for additional support. It is therefore important to prepare for the migration and coordinate with all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Our DMS expert, Peter Italiaander, is actively involved in various working groups dedicated to DMS. He recently participated in the meeting of the working group 'From AGS and GPA to DMS'. During this meeting, Peter got a thorough insight into the latest status of DMS implementations. He has written this update so that you again know exactly what the current state of affairs is.

With his in-depth knowledge and engagement, Peter is perfectly aware of the challenges involved in implementing DMS. If your organization is currently facing major obstacles or complexities in successfully implementing DMS, we are ready to help you. Find out how this works by clicking here or contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

Pilot for DMS-export

The pilot with 3 companies for DMS export was successfully conducted, according to Customs. Although the pilot went well technically, there were questions about the content and some performance challenges. As a temporary solution, the number of declaration lines has been adjusted (temporarily) to 250 instead of the original 999 lines as per specifications. Customs is working on a permanent solution to this problem. Customs encourages companies to switch to DMS output as soon as possible to speed up the learning process. Otherwise, a steep learning curve is expected in September.

Cross-border permits (SASP) in DMS

For SASP permit holders (cross border permits) from other EU member states, new guidelines have been added in the MIG (Message Implementation Guide). This allows them to comply with the application process in DMS. For SASP permit holders in the Netherlands, the situation remains the same for the time being. Reports to other member states within the SASP permit are offered separately outside DMS.

Extrastat data from CBS in DMS

For current GPA declarants switching to DMS 4.1, we assume that the Extrastat data (statistical data) will be supplied by Customs to CBS via DMS. If you are a declarant dealing with Extrastat declarations, please coordinate expectations well with Customs during the review process.

Data delivery to Customs

Research is currently underway on how companies can structurally request their data (by EORI number) from Customs in the new DMS situation. This will replace the current OGA solutions and separate requests to client managers and BCP. With this, companies want to monitor the quality of their declaration processes and prevent third parties from inadvertently submitting declarations on their EORI number. Customs is expected to come up with a solution later this year (early next year at the latest).

Frequently asked questions about DMS

Customs will eventually expand the current list of frequently asked questions to include substantive and functional answers to detailed questions. So keep an eye on Customs' links and stay tuned for the latest updates on DMS. Both Peter and the rest of our team of experts are keeping a close eye on this entire process. Do you need to brainstorm with someone about the issues still on the table within your organization? Or are you still not quite sure you have everything covered from A-Z? Then let's schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Customs review studies IIAA

Customs regions have started conducting the review studies on the simplified permits (IIAA). Questionnaires will be used for this purpose and further arrangements will be made with license holders.

If your company needs help in guiding this review and setting up new procedures and internal control processes, or if the current descriptions need to be reassessed and adjusted before Customs conducts the review, we can start exploring the possibilities together.

IIAA additional declaration on the 10th day

Some confusion has emerged about the deadline for filing the supplementary declaration in DMS 4.1. The starting point is that the supplementary declaration should be filed no later than the 10th day after release for free circulation. During the reviews, further arrangements will be made with IIAA declarants so that the data load of voluminous declarations can be staggered to avoid performance issues. Make sure you are aware of the best time to file this supplementary declaration by the deadline and discuss this with Customs.

After you have read the above, you will be up to date with the current state of affairs. One thing should be clear: within six months everyone should be transitioned to DMS. Therefore, really make sure you have everything arranged now. Unfortunately, if you wait any longer, chances are that you won't meet the deadline and your goods will come to a complete standstill after December. Pincvision is ready to take on these challenges with you.

29 Jun 2023 at 10:08 am
5 min
Published by:
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
DMS Outsourcing
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