Update Export to Cameroon: Transformation to a new Import Verification Program

We would like to inform you about the update we received from SGS (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company).

We hereby inform you that in accordance with the Ministerial Decree N°000625/MINFI/CAB of 30 November 2016 a new Import Verification Program is to be implemented in Cameroon replacing the existing Pre-Shipment Inspection Program.

The new Import Verification Program

Under the new program, the pre-shipment physical inspection performed at the country of origin or supply is replaced by a non intrusive scanner inspection upon arrival of the goods in Cameroon.

The new program includes the Customs valuation and classification of all goods with a FOB value higher than or equal to XAF 2.000.000 (two million).

The start of operations is planned on 15 December 2016. Transition guidelines are as follows:

  • Any cargo to be shipped as from 15/12/2016 (date of Bill of Lading/Airway Bill) is subject to the new program. The pre-shipment physical inspection is no longer required, and is replaced by scanner destination inspection (except for new vehicles that will undergo physical inspection upon arrival). Valuation and classification remains unchanged. An “RVC” (Rapport sur la Valeur et la Classification) is the certificate to be issued under the new program, replacing the actual AVI.
  • Any cargo already inspected at origin but shipped before or after 15/12/2016 is to be handled under the existing PSI program with the issuance of the AVI.
  • All Import Declarations opened as from 15/12/2016 will follow the new procedure with the issuance of the Rapport sur la Valeur et la Classification (RVC) upon receipt of the final documents from the Seller.
  • Final documents shall be submitted by the Seller to email address: RTCEurope@sgs.com.
  • If the Seller does not submit final documents, SGS may issue a Discrepancy Report.

Under the new program, the Import Declaration is to be transmitted to the Guichet Unique platform. The RVC will be available at the same platform.

The verification fee (0,95% of the FOB value) is to be paid when requesting the Import Declaration by bank transfer into the usual account: BICEC/MINEFI/PVI N° 34703065001-09.

The Pre-shipment Evaluation of Conformity (PECAE)

The new Import Verification Program remains under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and provides information on classification and dutiable value.

This is different from the Pre-shipment Evaluation of Conformity (PECAE), assessing the quality of imported goods against local or international standards, which is supervised by the Agence des Normes et de la Qualité (ANOR) on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development.

Shipments may be subject to both the Import Verification Program and the Pre-shipment Evaluation of Conformity Program.

Please visit SGS's website for more details and for a listing of products subject to Pre-shipment Evaluation of Conformity Program.


For more information, please contact Lonneke Verberk, Team Leader Export Documents: exportdocuments@pincvision.com or call +31(0)88-4321800.

21 Dec 2016 at 4:44 pm