Ukraine proposes draft law on WEEE and batteries

Since the reform of the municipal waste sector in 2012, Ukraine has now, May 30, 2017, proposed a draft WEEE and Waste Batteries legislation.

The main key provisions are the following.

  1. a central register should manage information from producers, compliance organizations and authorized waste managers
  2. producers of all affected products must comply through a registered producer responsibility organization
  3. individual or collective compliance organizations in Ukraine need to be a separate legal entity with a non-profit objective
  4. authorized waste management companies may establish and manage collection points
  5. there will be collection targets for WEEE and batteries

The draft legislation is a result on the EU funded Twinning project that enhances cooperation between public administrations of EU Member States and partner countries. Ukraine currently has an association agreement with the EU. The Twinning project ‘Introduction of a management system of WEEE in Ukraine’ is aimed to align the Ukrainian waste management system to EU example. The project lasts until November 2017.

Source: Sagisepr.com

27 Jun 2017 at 10:58 am