​Transition GPA-DMS: Postpone your choice!

In my previous article ‘From GPA to DMS: The current state of affairs’ you could read that Customs in the Netherlands extended the deadline of DMS 4.0 with a year. The new deadline is now July 1, 2022.

Because of this new deadline, there is more time for you to look at a 3rd scenario in which the possibilities are examined to simplify the procedure ‘Registration in the administration’ and to offer a possibility for a supplementary declaration afterwards. In this way we are getting closer to the facilities GPA companies have received in the past and it is once again worth considering simplifying and maintaining the AEO permit.

How do you – as a GPA declarant – come through this period?

Hereby, a closer look is given at the interfaces with other Customs declaration processes and Economic Customs regulations that GPA declarants have to deal with. We are currently awaiting discussions with the sounding board GPA, SPA, in December.

In the meantime, this also means that current GPA declarants must think about how to come through this period. Various GPA declarants and IT specialists have (understandably) not invested for a while in the automation of internal (data) controls, because the current GPA systems and processes would soon be replaced. From a business economic point of view, IT budgets will be frozen and management loses priority. Now that the lead time to DMS lasts a year longer, it can be valuable to review the choices made from a risk perspective.

In addition, it is unfortunate for companies that want to set up a GPA that no simplified permits (domproc import with GPA) are currently being issued. This means that a number of companies cannot move forward and, like the rest, cannot prepare themselves properly for DMS 4.0, since the specifications, possibilities and conditions are still unknown.

Would you like to exchange ideas about GPA & DMS4?

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02 Dec 2019 at 5:21 pm
Published by:
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs