The spot check process

In recent years, Customs has increasingly focused on the quality control processes at companies, which enjoy more and more autonomy in the control regime imposed by the Customs Authorities. When obtaining an (AEO) permit from Customs, the company that has been awarded the permit is expected to perform internal checks to maintain control over the processes and their performance.

Quality control

Of course, Customs still carries out the necessary audits and checks to guarantee compliance, but as soon as they are about to audit your company, it is desirable to have implemented control measures beforehand. How exactly you organize this however, is left to your own interpretation. One of the most underexposed control measures that can be used is the spot check process.

The spot check process is an ideal control tool to check (for example) the quality of the declarations. This offers a preventive advantage for future declarations, but also provides a good impression of the current quality control process, and the performance with regard to that process. When that spot checks are set periodically, an effective tool of making customs processes manageable is created.

The main advantages of the spot check process are:

  • Reduce errors; this results in fewer fines or written drawback requests.
  • More insight into customs risks; incorrect or non-application of FTAs can have direct fiscal consequences.
  • Reduces damage control after a Customs audit, which are often associated with high costs.
  • Results in analyses, reports, and possible presentations of findings.

Pincvision streamlines your customs processes

There is a whole range of direct and indirect benefits that will help you further in keeping customs processes manageable. Would you like to know more about the spot check process or does this methodology appeal to you and would you like to implement it at your company? Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists so that we can assist you in streamlining your customs processes.

24 May 2022 at 1:39 pm
2 min
Published by:
Steven Sewberath Misser
Customs Specialist
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