The art of persuasion

- Interview with Pacelle van Goethem - We have invited Pacelle van Goethem as a keynote speaker to attend the Pincvision Compliance Cruise. Pacelle is an expert when it comes to the art of persuasion. Since Trade Compliance is not often top of mind at senior management level, she will inspire our guests with tips in becoming a master in persuasion. This will help them increase their influence within the organization.

You have an important meeting ahead of you. You know your facts and the extra value your idea brings to the table. You prepared yourself in detail. You are even dressed to impress. Let’s do this!

But when are you able to convince another person? What happens in our brain during the process of persuasion? What if we could train ourselves to become better in convincing other people?

Persuasion is just like falling in love

Although research was already preformed on this topic, Pacelle’s curiosity about convincing people went beyond. To grasp the true art of persuasion she did two types of research. One from a neurophysiology perspective: at what point does our brain get convinced? The other perspective is based on ‘best practices’. Years of research to find out what people like Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher or Bill Clinton did, to make others nod their heads or clap their hands. The euphoric moment when you know: ‘I am in! My idea is shared and understood’. Based on this research Pacelle created ‘The Model of Persuasion’, and defined the 3 Styles of persuasion: Authority, Friend and Role model.

Pacelle: “I often compare persuasion with falling in love: you can be on your best behavior, feel good, look like a goddess and have an amazing connection, but the other person needs to be convinced. The art of persuasion needs the other party. You can’t demand it, it is granted, more like a favor. When you are more aware about the methodology behind this process, you can influence the process. For example, you can use your voice. People with a low voice sound wise to others and evoke a feeling of being safe, having a particular accent can make you seem likable and a soft friendly voice can make you charming. Once you know how to work with this method, you will experience getting more understanding and hopefully be even more successful.”

Becoming another ‘best practice’

Pacelle started off as a speech and voice expert. She continued her academic road in specializing in Psychology and Mass communication. She discovered a spectacular coherence between relaxation and persuasion. She shared her discoveries in her book, the bestseller ‘IJs verkopen aan Eskimo’s’ - The psychology of persuasion -(Selling Ice to Eskimo’s). The book already has 22 prints. The English edition, True Persuasion, will be published this fall. Her client base consists of a wide range of people, from politicians to business executives. She is also known as a powerful speaker at conferences and was voted 2nd Speaker of the Year 2016 by Assemblee Speakers.

“When I wrote this book, I was asked as a keynote speaker at several events. It brings me a lot of joy seeing the impact and interaction during my speeches. I am fortunate to work with brilliant people, with outstanding ideas. When I get feedback after a session, from clients sharing their victories while using my theory, I feel extremely blessed that my research paid off and is helping individuals to be heard. It becomes another ‘best practice’.”

What’s in it for you?

Do you want your ideas to be acknowledged within every layer of your organization? Register for the Pincvision Compliance Cruise or request an invitation. Pacelle will provide you with insights and useful tools to make your story even more convincing. All ingredients are there and you will notice people start nodding their heads and maybe even clapping their hands for your ideas.

Are you ready to share your ideas with the world and make them count?


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