A successul and enjoyable 9th edition of the Pincvision Compliance Cruise!

As every year, on the third Thursday of September, it was that time of the year again: the Pincvision Compliance Cruise. This year, on September 20, we started the day at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Early in the afternoon, our clients and partners arrived in Amsterdam in order to experience an informative and interesting day which was completely dedicated to the world of trade compliance.

Plenary sessions

As a start of the event, our CEO Edo Bosga welcomed our guests by giving a short update about business developments at Pincvision and highlighting the importance of geopolitical changes and challenges worldwide. What is happening right now and what consequences does this have for trade compliance?

As a follow-up to Edo's story, we welcomed Lars Sørensen as our guest speaker about Sustainable Developments Goals. He made us aware of the fact that every single person can make a contribution to a better world. Obviously, this was already known by most of us. However, an interesting and interactive session in which Lars emphasized again that a better world starts with YOU! Undoubtedly, one person cannot save the entire planet, but one person can try to make a difference every day. We also got the chance to get to know other participants better during this plenary session and share our thoughts about global issues.

After a short break, in which we enjoyed delicious Danish pastries and a nice cup of tea, it was time for our guests to attend one of the two workshops, provided by Pincvision’s specialists and guest speaker Karo Nuortila from the European Commission.

Every participant could choose to attend one of the following workshops:

  • Foreign Trade Data vs Material Master
  • Intrastat modernizations 2020 & VAT action plan

Foreign Trade Data vs Material Master

This workshop was provided by our own specialists (Yuri, David and Jolande) in the field of Customs, Environmental compliance and Export documents. During this workshop, we looked at activities in business operations and stakeholders that are indirectly affected by material masters and consequently by trade compliance. Why is a company’s central source for retrieving material-specific data, as stored in individual material master records, also one of the most complex types of data? Lots of different opinions and thoughts were exchanged and it was interesting to notice differences in everyone’s perspective.

Intrastat modernizations 2020 & VAT action plan

This workshop contained a combination of Intrastat and VAT. First, Mr Karo Nuortila, who works for Eurostat for more than 10 years provided the participants with more insight in the history of Intrastat, the purpose and plans of the Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics (FRIBS) project and planning of the new Intrastat reporting requirements 2020.

Subsequently, elements of the VAT action plan were discussed and whether or not FRIBS is also linked to these developments. Our VAT Specialist (Daniëlle) shared her knowledge and practical business cases about this topic. Another point of attention was the development in VAT compliance we have seen in the past years. During group assignments, everyone was able to express their opinions and view on these interesting topics.

Time for the cruise

Around 6pm, the workshops approached the end and it was time for the Z8 Party Boat Cruise! The boat was already waiting for us to enter. This party ship is the most sustainable ship in the Netherlands. It runs electrically and is therefore environmental friendly. On the party boat, we all enjoyed a delicious walking dinner while cruisin' across the Amsterdam IJ. Fortunately, the weather was great and the view from the panoramic deck was beautiful. We experienced the cruise as a perfect network opportunity while we were able to watch the beautiful sunset.

Based on the positive comments and feedback of both our customers and our partners, we believe that the Compliance Cruise 2018 will be remembered as a successful and enjoyable event where our guests experience informative and interesting workshops. We already look forward to the special 10th edition next year!

26 Sep 2018 at 4:47 pm