Status in the Netherlands for recycling packaging and free-riders regarding WEEE

We would like to inform you about the status regarding WEEE for reclycling packaging and free-riders.

Recycling Packaging

The recycling of packaging regarding metal and paper occurs as expected. A rate of 95% of metal packaging has been recycled in the Netherlands, whereas for paper and carton a total of 85% has been recycled. For both metal packaging and paper/carton packaging this is more than 10% that is legally obliged. Only glass packaging is lacking behind of recycle targets. Only 83% of all glass is recycled as compared to a recycle target of 90%.

Dutch businesses that put packaged products on the market are obliged to take care of collection and recycling of packaging. Commonly, they handle this via ‘Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen’. Businesses pay an amount per kilo packaging that they put on the market. Accordingly, they compensate municipalities that collect from households.

Declaring WEEE

Half a year has passed since the Dutch Inspection regarding environmental and transport matters (ILT) sent a warning letter notifying 400 businesses regarding their WEEE obligations. The results are positive since one third of all firms that received a letter are currently registered at the Dutch WEEE-Register. Another one third of the firms that received a warning letter did not have any obligations after all. ILT is currently in conversation with the remaining third of the firms.

ILT is planning a next notification round sending warning letters to another 900 businesses. The warning letters sent by ILT function as a first step in preventing WEEE free-riders in the Netherlands. Though, Dutch Secretary Minister Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure and Environmental Matters) already questioned why there are no fines handed out.

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27 Jun 2017 at 11:42 am