Speakers update: Pincvision Compliance Cruise 2017

We are proud to give you more details about the speakers we have invited on Thursday September 21, 2017 to the Pincvision Compliance Cruise. After the outstanding reviews of last year, we again aimed to present you a program that will exceed your expectations. We are convinced we will offer a day filled with knowledge and business networking at a perfect venue.

Plenary Session – Methods of Persuasion


We have invited Pacelle van Goethem as a keynote speaker to attend the Pincvision Compliance Cruise. Pacelle is an expert when it comes to the art of persuasion. Since Trade Compliance is not often top of mind at senior management level, she will inspire our guests with tips in becoming a master in persuasion. This will help increase your influence within the organization.

Do you want your ideas to be acknowledged within every layer of your organization? Pacelle will provide you with insights and useful tools to make your story even more convincing.

All ingredients are there and you will notice people start nodding their heads and maybe even clapping their hands for your ideas.

Read more about Pacelle here!

Workshop - Global Supply Chain: Administrative challenges in the physical world


The workshop ‘Administrative challenges in the physical world’ will inform you about the view of EU authorities on compliance risks, based on UCC legislation, risk definitions, criteria and controls. Peter Bulters has over 35 years’ experience in the operational and legal aspects of trade and logistics, with a focus on customs and trade compliance. Peter doesn’t believe compliance should be a show-stopper, therefore he looks at practical solutions and introduces new processes that allow operations to continue running. During his career, Peter has worked in senior roles for multinationals, but in 2016 he finally decided to co-found CATTS, a global trade advisory company with a strong team of Trade and Compliance- experts around the world.

During this workshop Peter will reflect from a business perspective on the risk definitions, quantification and mitigation of risks based on key stones and criteria, to the legal requirements. From a compliance perspective and as an output of the internal procedures and controls, companies need to audit the performed customs declarations (declared on behalf of the company) based on source data and instructions.

Why is this a burden for many companies? Are these companies able to check compliance, performance and costs of third parties for global operations anyway? What can you do from a business perspective if you don’t have the data available?

It will be an interactive workshop where we will discuss topics such as: Are we aware of what compliance (WCO) data we need for our internal controls? What are the compliance conflicts internally to stay compliant? How do you integrate these data checks in your Control Framework? During group assignments we zoom in on specific challenges to check broker declarations, gather data and set up KPI’s in order to monitor the outcome of internal control measures.

Workshop - Tax management/assurance in a changing Tax world


This workshop covers the developments in Tax compliance (main focus on VAT, Intrastat and Environmental compliance). Willem Veldhuizen and Daniëlle van der Meulen will be your guide during this workshop. Willem is a specialist in computer assisted audit techniques, such as data analysis and statistical sampling.

He has extensive experience with tax audits and statistical random sampling surveys for tax compliance purposes, in particular when they relate to the following sectors: financial services, IT, logistics, retail, real estate and non-profit. His focus is on VAT, payroll tax and insurance premium tax.

Tax offices are demanding more data, what does this mean for businesses? How can businesses be in control of tax risks through data analysis and sample checks, for example through statistical sampling?

Tax data is used more and more to discover Environmental Compliance in countries. Be amazed to hear about the connection of data that authorities use. The importance of Tax technology and how to prepare for an audit and what to do and not to do during an audit. Based on the ‘Controle Aanpak Belastingdienst’(CAB), Willem will discuss practical examples.

‘Don’t expect a theoretical explanation but be amazed by the world of statistical auditing’


Are you interested in receiving a personal invitation for the Compliance Cruise and does your function suit the target audience of Trade Compliance, Supply Chain, Environmental, and Finance Directors/Managers? Please fill in the form below and we will gladly send you a personal invitation.

26 Jul 2017 at 2:22 pm