Recycling batteries: the start of Project ReLieVe

Project ReLieVe will start as of January 2020. The European Union has pledged 5 million euro in order to make this project a success. But what exactly is Project ReLieVe?

Project ReLieVe

Project ReLieVe is a project aimed at improving the recycling process of batteries used in electric vehicles. Three European companies (Eramet, BASF and Suez) will take the lead in this project.

The goal is “to develop an innovative closed-loop process to recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles and to enable the production of new lithium-ion batteries in Europe”, as stated by BASF on their website. The project will have a runtime of two years, from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

Growing market

Project ReLieVe ended up high on the agenda of those concerned since expectations of the market rise sky-high. According to estimations, 50,000 tonnes of batteries will be recycled in 2027 in Europe and in 2035 it could be multiplied by ten, resulting in an estimated 500,000 tonnes of batteries that will be recycled by then.

Developing new battery recycling capabilities will make it possible to respond to the expected strong market growth in the coming years.

Watch here a short movie about Project ReLieVe!

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Source: EIT RawMaterials and Eramet - Project Relieve and BASF - Project Relieve

22 Nov 2019 at 12:00 am