Pilot project to digitalize the ATA Carnet

The ATA carnet is a paper document which makes it more easy to import and export goods on a temporary base into countries that have joined the ATA convention. In the Netherlands the document can be requested digitally at the Chamber of Commerce. However, the original ATA Carnet is still a paper document. Good to know that there is progress in this area.

The World Chambers Federation (WCF) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched the first stage of a pilot project to digitalize the ATA Carnet, a customs document allowing duty- and tax-free movement for goods up to one year. In the Netherlands ATA Carnets are issued by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The project, known as Mercury II, will revolutionize the ATA Carnet by digitalizing processes, making transactions and travel easier and more efficient for businesses and customs offices alike.

The system is being developed and is expected to be live for testing between October 2018 and March 2019.

ATA Carnet System

The ATA Carnet system is currently in force in 78 countries, with Qatar being the most recent country to join the global network. With around 185,000 ATA Carnets issued in 2017 alone - covering goods valued at US$26 billion - it is more important than ever to ensure that Customs, Carnet holders, service providers and NGAs are as productive as possible. A digitalized Carnet - or eATA - will not only facilitate transactions but also increase data security, reduce exceptions and improve administration.

More information

For more information about the digitalization of the ATA Carnet can be found at the website of the International Chamber of Commerce. Of course Pincvision will keep you informed about this process and if you have any substantive questions regarding the use and benefit of an ATA carnet please contact Pincvision.

Information regarding the practical use and benefits of the ATA Carnet can be found in the article 'Ins- and outs of an ATA carnet & benefits of using this export document'.

Source: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

21 Jun 2018 at 11:45 am