Packaging Obligations for USA - California

Packaging in the States: California has approved the Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act’ and will therefore become the 4th state of the US to have some kind of Extended Producer Responsibility on Packaging.

A Producer Responsibility Organization (also known as PRO) must be formed by the producers of packaged goods starting from January 2024 and onwards. This PRO will be able to take over the responsibility of producers in the same way the PRO’s will work in Europe.

This structure is very much alike to the EPR structure that is currently obligated in Europe under the EU Directives.

Be compliant in California

All single use packaging material (and single use plastics especially) are in scope and producers not willing to join the PRO must prove that they recycled (at least 65% of) their own packaging from 2024 to 2027. They need to submit a waste management plan as well if they would continue to be individual compliant.

Pincvision will keep you posted on updates regarding the producer responsibility in the USA in the near future.

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You can reach out to us in case you have any questions regarding Environmental compliance. Pincvision offers comprehensive environmental reporting services to provide an efficient and compliant, outsourced solution that lets you compliantly meet all Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations like Packaging, Battery and WEEE reporting.

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Source: Foodpackagingforum

21 Jul 2022 at 10:10 am
2 min
Published by:
Joris te Pas
Environmental Compliance Specialist
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