New waste law for distance sellers in Finland

In the summer of 2021, a new waste law will be implemented in Finland. Within this law, several changes are going to be introduced: recycling rates and targets will increase, circular economy will make headway, and extended producer responsibility will be broadened. The latter will be of significant importance to distance sellers.

The implementation of the proposed law will have an implementation period, resulting in the fact that the broadened EPR will come into effect in 2023. Nevertheless, the outcome will remain unchanged.

Noticeable influence on distance sellers

Under the current law, foreign entities have no obligations in regard to packaging waste. At this moment, local entities are held responsible for the packaging coming from distance selling, meaning that the costs are covered by Finnish entities, for example importers.

Due to this regulation, an unfair division is made in the coverage of the generated cost, according to the CEO of RINKI. In the new regulation, distance sellers – selling directly to customers through, for example, a webshop - will bear obligations for household packaging brought on the market. This is introduced to divide the cost more evenly between obligated producers. The influence on distance sellers will be noticeable; a registration process and annual reporting obligations come into effect. More importantly, costs will be made due to these regulations.

Higher recycling rates in the new law

Not only will costs be added for distance sellers; local entities will be affected with an increase of cost. In the new law, the growing recycling targets will result in higher recycling rates. This is a direct result from the planned increase in collection of household waste. In addition to this alteration, it is stated that producers will be responsible for 80% of the cost of recycling plastic. However, the obligated companies must have a say in the collection arrangements due to the fact that they are paying for it.

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Source: RINKI FI

28 Apr 2021 at 12:59 pm
2 min
Published by:
Roos Mijnen
Environmental Compliance Specialist
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