NEW: Statistical Sampling Services

Do you know if your organization runs risks as it comes to its VAT position, or do you assume that these risks remain within reasonable limits?

The Dutch tax authorities carry out tax controls through statistical sampling. With statistical sampling, the effectiveness of fiscal processes is quickly and effectively tested and tax risks come to light. The VAT specialists of Pincvision advise organizations to keep the monitoring of their processes into their own hands and carry out Statistical Sampling themselves, in order to:

  • Test the accuracy of filed VAT returns
  • Discover unrecognized risks or non-working controls
  • Assess the quality of your VAT processes
  • Make a good impression towards the tax authorities
  • Show a proactive attitude
  • Provide the tax authorities with information before an audit
  • Avoid surprises and be ahead of the tax authorities
  • Have findings analyzed and quantified
  • Get "in control"

The ultimate goal is to provide more insight and confidence in the quality of your own processes and VAT returns.

A recent study published by EY stated that directors see the mitigation of tax risks as their biggest challenge. Around 68% of the questioned directors indicated that they do not have sufficient means to set up their fiscal function and that they have difficulties managing their tax risks. Pincvision has developed the service Statistical Sampling with a unique way of approach. We can carry out the Statistical Sampling in the form of an annual audit (either several years) or as a recurring service (as part of the VAT return preparation). This way you can proactively react/take the appropriate actions and we can help organizations to establish their VAT risks and discuss appropriate measures.

Do you want to know more about our new service? More information about Statistical Sampling can be found on our web page.

25 Nov 2014 at 3:31 pm