New packaging law in Germany

January 2019 will see the introduction of a new packaging law in Germany. This Verpackungsgesetz will replace the current Verpackungverordnung and will introduce several new obligations for producers.

The most clear obligation is a new registration obligation for all producers that place sales packaging on the German market. Even producers that are currently members of a compliance scheme, like Der Grüne Punkt, need to perform this registration.

Members of the Pincvision Environmental team always stay in close contact to local organizations, in order to have up-to-date knowledge on legislation throughout Europe. As part of increasing the in-house knowledge the Environmental colleagues met up with a representative of Der Grüne Punkt last week, to discuss the new Verpackungsgesetz.

The team is now up-to-speed with regard to the Verpackungsgesetz, so please feel free to contact them to discuss how you can be compliant for packaging in Germany.

Source: Bundesgesetzblatt

24 Apr 2018 at 10:40 am