New EU rules to further harmonize WEEE registration

As many companies that put EEE on the market know, the EU WEEE directive has been transposed into national legislations in many different ways. This makes it very difficult to be compliant, as every Member State can request different pieces of information upon registration. The European Commission has adopted an Implementing Regulation, meant to streamline the process.

This regulation (EU 2019/290) intends to impose a harmonized data structure and format for the registration and reporting. It lays down a specific registration form for EEE producers, as well as a template for POM reporting.

In this format the European Commission has made a division between mandatory key elements and optional information elements. Member States are also explicitly requested to not request any information beyond these mandatory and optional additional elements, in order to avoid administrative burden on producers. Important to note is that these rules will apply to the registrations with national EEE registers. Compliance schemes might still have the freedom to request more information.

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These measures will hopefully make future registrations less bothersome for producers. The Implementing Regulation will enter into force in January 2020. Please get in touch with our Environmental team if you want to discuss what information will be requested from you in 2020, or how we can best support you with all necessary registrations. Would you like to keep updated? Don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

Full text Regulation: EUR-Lex

22 Mar 2019 at 4:59 pm