Looking back at a special edition of the Compliance Cruise

After a long & exciting period of preparations and arranging all organizational aspects, it was finally time for the special 10th jubilee edition of the Pincvision Compliance Cruise!

On Thursday September 19 an audience of 80 people entered the beautiful Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam in order to enjoy a wonderful day of interesting topics, meeting new people & enjoying a great atmosphere. Haven't you been able to attend the event? No worries… You can read here all the details about the day so that you’ll still can get an impression of this event. Watch the after movie here!

About the Compliance Cruise 2019

We started the day with a special surprise message & gift to Edo on behalf of the entire Pincvision team. According to our team, organizing such a valuable and great event for the 10th time deserves a special thank you.

Edo welcomed our guests in a word of welcome. Afterwards, our guest speaker Leen Zevenbergen gave an inspirational performance about current major disruptors, causing great turbulence amongst companies and people and their effects on Innovations in world trade! The changing global world of export and trade, highly effected by technological changes and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were also part of his plenary session.

After a short break, it was time for our guests to attend one of the two workshops, provided by Pincvision’s specialists. The workshops this year were:

Workshop 1: Innovation in Compliance Reporting - visibility on mistakes that can easily be avoided

In this workshop participants discussed developments in the context of compliance reporting regarding VAT, Intrastat & Environmental. With the introduction of real-time reporting it happens a lot that mistakes are reported that could have been avoided. These mistakes were addressed and smart process controls were introduced that can help close data gaps. In this way you can build towards the future.

Workshop 2: Customs & Document Compliance Innovation Initiatives

During this workshop, the central question was ‘what can we learn from available information, documents and data by using filters, algorithms and analytics?’. Topics that were discussed were digitalization, data auto detection and analytics, data enrichment & data visualization.

Time to Cruise...

After the informative program it was time for a more informal program with networking and drinks. After a 10 minute walk to the quay, we entered the boat ‘Het Wapen van Amsterdam’ where we enjoyed a delicious walking dinner while cruising through the Amsterdam canals.

We look back at a very successful 10th jubilee edition of this event! Thank you all for joining us!

27 Sep 2019 at 12:04 pm