​Introduction of FPNs and the open scope categories in Ireland

The Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) has been granted more efficient tools to enforce WEEE & battery obligations in Ireland, in the form of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). These FPNs are essentially fines with a fixed amount, determined by the type of offence. For example, when a company neglects to register with The Producer Register Ltd. the EPA can issue a FPN of € 2000,-.

Other examples of fines are € 500,- for a failure of a distance seller to show a registration number on its website and € 1000,- for the display of a registration number, despite not being validly registered.

Are you not sure if you currently are compliant with the WEEE & Battery legislation in Ireland (and therefore a possible target of these FPNs), please get in touch with our Environmental Team!

Ireland has also indicated that it will announce the definitive categories for the WEEE open scope on November 13, 2018. If this categorization provides unique issues in Ireland, you will surely find more information about this in our newsletter. So please subscribe if you want to remain informed about this topic!

Source: CIWM

24 Oct 2018 at 1:01 pm