French prevention and Ecodesign plan

All entities registered for WEEE, Battery or Packaging compliance, who are considered a producer under the French Law, are obligated to submit a French prevention and eco-design plan for in the summer of 2023 for each separate waste stream.

Producer obligations

According to Article L541-10-12 of the environmental code, all producers are obligated to develop and implement a French Prevention and Ecodesign plan. In the context of the plan, producers are defined as: ‘all manufacturers, importers, re-sellers, sellers under the own brands and distance sellers of WEEE, batteries and packaging in the French Territory’.

French prevention and Ecodesign plan

The prevention and Ecodesign plan is a 5-year-plan containing goals and objectives which are to be achieved on time. It is possible to reflect on the plan after 3 years. The aim of the plan is to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, increasing the use of recycled materials, and increasing the recyclability of its products which are treated in the French treatment facilities. All producers are to deliver a plan in the summer of 2023 for each registered wastes stream separately. It is possible to create a collective plan with companies in similar industries or comply individually.

Pincvision for your Environmental compliance obligations

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Source: Ecologic.

30 May 2023 at 10:22 am
2 min
Published by:
Roos Mijnen
Environmental Compliance Specialist
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