Blog: Digital Dexterity in the Digital Workplace

A few months ago, in my previous blog "Pincvision's Digital Workplace", you could read that we within Pincvision were busy with the transition to the new Digital Workplace. Good news! Since a couple of weeks we have completely migrated to the flexible cloud based workplace for all our employees. In this blog I will give you a look behind the scenes, or as we say in Dutch "a look in our kitchen..."

Our new workplace in the cloud

In addition to the latest versions of the well-known Office applications, this workplace also offers all kinds of new apps and features. This results in many new possibilities such as collaborating in Teams in combination with the use of (private) channels.

The use of Planner for (joint) action lists, recording and reviewing consultations, organizing online webinars and sharing and working in the same files at the same time is now also possible. In the meantime, we are already looking at the possibility to use Power Automate to automatically perform repetitive tasks yourself.

In short, a range of new options and possibilities! In combination with our smart software solutions, this workplace gives our colleagues an extensive set of possibilities to optimally serve our customers and colleagues.

Digital dexterity & skills

On the other hand, this broad palette of possibilities also provides a new challenge. Compare this to a starred restaurant. Of course, it is important that the chefs have high-quality equipment and facilities at their disposal. But in the end it's all about serving the customer a delicious dish that meets all expectations. Or even better: exceeds all expectations.

This comparison can be copied one-on-one to Pincvision. Even with the most modern tools and correct knowledge of trade compliance, the most important thing is that our colleagues are able to use these tools easily and skillfully. Therefore, it is important that the 'kitchen brigade' not only has the right knowledge of the ingredients, but also the skill and dexterity to create a delicious dish with the available equipment and appliances. And not just once, but every time the customer orders it. The 'dish' that is delivered by Pincvision is, for example, a declaration that is submitted on time or an export document that is flawlessly issued. Our digital skills are therefore of great importance! Our digital skills are therefore of great importance!

​Business units take the lead​

Obviously, the IT department seems to be the party to facilitate the development of this skill.

At Pincvision, however, we have chosen not to let IT take the lead, but rather employees from the various business units.

Several colleagues tested and prepared the migration to the new digital workplace in an extensive pilot phase. New apps and other ways of working have been tested and evaluated. Through training and hands-on experience, they have become true ambassadors who subsequently made their direct colleagues enthusiastic.

Webinars and training courses for the entire organisation

In order to prepare the entire organisation as well as possible, our Marketing & Communications department organized internal webinars about the new working method and the possibilities that this entails.

Within the business units, the ambassadors have provided training courses aimed at the subject-specific programs and activities. The IT department made sure that the answers to most frequently asked questions were recorded in a Wiki. After a few weeks, webinars were given again, but now with the experiences and tips & tricks from the employees themselves. This gave a boost to the digital skills that are simply necessary in our work.

Digital business company

We're certainly not there yet. Pincvision proceeds to develop continuously as a Digital Business company. As a result, digital skills will become even more important in the future. Working at Pincvision means that you are motivated (and want to have the opportunity) to use existing and new technologies for better business results. The way in which we collaborate digitally, analyze data, search for information and create digital content continues to evolve. I am curious to see to what extent your company is developing these digital skills.

What digital skills initiatives are currently going on within your 'kitchen'?

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21 Aug 2020 at 12:32 am
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Published by:
Edwin Kampshoff
CIO (Chief Information Officer)